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Learning To “Discern” The “Voice and Will of GOD” In Your Life

I love communicating with people, it is one of the ways I am able to process much of what I learn.
Yesterday, I spoke with a family member and it became crystal clear to me in the middle of this conversation why we all struggle with knowing what is truly on God’s mind as it pertains to our lives.
We like to think of ourselves as GODLY men and women.  However, very often we use GOD’s name but we deny HIS Lordship in our lives. 


Piety or reverence toward God (1 Tim 2:2). Godliness means more than religious profession and a godly conduct; it also means the reality and power of a vital union with God.

Jesus knew the Will of His Father in heaven because HE was one with the Father.
Are we working towards being at one with Christ?
It seems to me we are very okay with having Christ as our Savior but we don’t want to turn over the “captain’s” seat to HIM. 


A person who rescues others from evil, danger, or destruction. The Old Testament viewed God Himself as the Savior: “There is no other God besides Me, a just God and a Savior” (Isa 45:21). Because God is the source of salvation, He sent human deliverers to rescue His people, Israel (Ps 106:21; Isa 43:3,11). This word was also used to describe the judges of Israel, those “saviors” or “deliverers” who rescued God’s people from oppression by their enemies (Judg 3:9,15).

In the New Testament the word for savior describes both God the Father (1 Tim 1:1; Jude 25) and Jesus Christ the Son (Acts 5:31; Phil 3:20). The apostles rejoiced that in Christ, God had become the “Savior of all men” (1 Tim 4:10). He was the Savior of Gentiles as well as Jews. As Christians, we are exhorted to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Do any of you remember, the song by Janet Jackson back in 1985 or 86 “Control”?
The bridge of that song is song like this…
I’m in control, now I’ve got a lot
I’m in control, to get what I want.
I’m in control, never gonna stop.
I’m in control, now that I’m all grown up.
Free, at last!  
That was one of my favorite songs, back then! 
Our own quest for power is one of the main reasons and ways we deny HIS Lordship.

The ability or strength to perform an activity or deed. Power is sometimes used with the word authority. If power suggests physical strength, authority suggests a moral right or privilege. One can have power to perform a task but not authority to do it. Jesus Christ had both power and authority (Luke 4:36), and He bestowed these upon His followers (Luke 10:19).

My taste in music has changed considerably since turning my life over to Christ and getting to know HIS love and power has been a deeply engaging process for me and my surrender to HIM has been sweeter than I ever thought a transfer of power could be
How else do we deny His Lordship?
By bowing to other powers and principalities.
Let me tell you “Who” God is…
 Jehovah/Yahweh. One of the most important names for God in the Old Testament is Yahweh, or Jehovah, from the verb “to be,” meaning simply but profoundly, “I am who I am,” and “I will be who I will be.” The four-letter Hebrew word YHWH was the name by which God revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush (Ex 3:14). This bush was a vivid symbol of the inexhaustible dynamism of God who burns like a fire with love and righteousness, yet remains the same and never diminishes. Some English translations of the Bible translate the word as Jehovah, while others use Yahweh.

God is the author of life and salvation. His “I am” expresses the fact that He is the infinite and original personal God who is behind everything and to whom everything must finally be traced. This name, “I am who I am,” signals the truth that nothing else defines who God is but God Himself. What He says and does is who He is. The inspired Scriptures are the infallible guide to understanding who God is by what He says about Himself and what He does. Yahweh is the all-powerful and sovereign God who alone defines Himself and establishes truth for His creatures and works for their salvation.

As I have studied nutrition over the years (from worldly sources) and gained knowledge; it was not until I brought what I had learned to HIM did I begin to gain understanding and proper application of the knowledge I had obtained. I am totally into how HE tells me things in our quite time together and when I go and research those things, they always turn out to be true!!  
So, I have learned that HE is the authority or power that I seek first in every department of life (even on matters such as nutrition).
I bow to what HE tells me about how to feed my body and not to some other power or principality (over HIS Word to me).
When we are faced with  important decisions most often the first voice in our hearts that speaks is our own.
You may be thinking ” so what is wrong with that”?
The problem with listening to our own inner voice is that it is a jambalaya of different things we have pick-up over the years and most of what we have “learned” is not biblically based.
Any information that you pick-up along the way has to be taken by the “Master” to discern what is useable by HIM and is not a hinderance to the plan that HE has for your life.
It is this jambalaya of stray ideas that fights against the true promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Many of the things we engage in feed our “souls” appetites but not our spirit.
Only the Word of GOD can feed your spirit.

The means by which God makes Himself known, declares His will, and brings about His purposes. The phrases such as word of God, and word of the Lord are applied to the commanding word of God that brought creation into existence (Gen 1; 2 Peter 3:5) and also destroyed that same world through the waters of the Flood (2 Peter 3:6); to God’s announcement of an impending or future act of judgment (Ex 9:20-21; 1 Kings 2:27); to the word that declares God’s commitment and promises His blessing (Gen 15:1,4); and to a particular instruction from God (Josh 8:27).

God’s word is the primary means by which He is present and working in the world. He is not Himself part of this world, but He acts in it by means of His word. He becomes personally known through His word (1 Sam 3:21). His word is powerfully creative (Ezek 37:4) and its purposes are irresistible (Isa 55:11; Jer 23:29). God’s word is totally dependable; it represents His permanent commitment (Isa 40:8). When heard and responded to, His word meets deep needs in the human heart and provides joy, satisfaction, and confident direction which can be achieved in no other manner (Deut 8:3; Ps 119:162; Jer 15:16). God’s word has the power to penetrate all pretense and discern “the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb 4:12).

When we make choices outside of GOD, we will most always choose what is easiest or most  convenient from some perspective.
There are reasons that extend beyond martyrdom for taking the long way around (at least  from GOD’s perspective).
In most cases, it will have to do with building your character and your faith in HIM.
GOD always promotes based on our characters and our willingness to bow to HIM and serve.
Our lessons and trials and taking the long way around purge us of fear, which is the opposite of faith!
Fear acts as a buffer and conceals “truth” and revelations that The Holy Spirit wants to impart in our lives.  
As disciples of Jesus Christ right and wrong are clearly defined but doing what is righteous in the eyes and heart of GOD will not feel good or right to our fleshy thinking and its drives and urges. 
As we spend time in GOD’s Word daily and get to know His very essence through HIS words, we will begin to experience HIS righteousness as we have none outside of HIM. Our sense of right and wrong is usually very subjective, thus controlled by our feelings and past experiences. We are righteous, when we stand with GOD’s opinion. This leads to a lifestyle of praise and worship.
Jennifer Boddie

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