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“Go Down Moses”

This post is set-up as a conversation between Moses and GOD.

Moses: Lord, I do apologize for bothering you so late in history, but they’ve sent me back with the commandments. The general view is that they ought to be revised and amended.

GOD: Very thoughtful. You say it’s the commandments that are the problem?

Moses: Yes, Lord. Most feel they are really outdated, and they are not allowed in schools anymore. For example, your first commandment where you demand exclusive allegiance. People feel this isn’t appropriate in a society that tolerates almost anything.

GOD: Well, Moses, how would you feel if your wife was loyal to you one day a week and ignored you the other six days?

Moses: That’s not the same thing.

GOD: Isn’t it? What relationship can survive on day in seven?

Moses: Perhaps you have a point. Lord. Anyway,  what about the second commandment? No graven images? Put you first? Before work and family? Also, there’s a complaint that you’re always asking for money for your church.

GOD: Moses, don’t forget I am the author of all material blessings. All I ask for my work is one tenth of a person’s income. If a person can’t give that, he’s put his money before me. His money is then an idol, a graven image, even a god. Carry on, what’s next? and don’t drop those tablets because I’m not making another set.

Moses: Well, Lord, how about swearing? What you call “taking you name in vain.”

GOD: My commandment stands. How would you feel if one of your children used you name to curse someone?

Moses: Really, Lord, you keep making it so personal.

GOD: But, Moses, it is personal, isn’t it?

Moses: Ah, yes. Well, then one day a week for rest and worship? Is that still really necessary? I mean, not many of us are raising sheep in a desert, and people are really busy.

GOD: I agree that life has become hectic. My people need rest and change, fellowship with each other, and a chance to focus their lives. So I set aside a special day for those things. It seems to me you need this more now than Israel did in the desert.

Moses: I hadn’t thought of it that way.

GOD: No, that’s clear. How do they feel about honoring father and mother, and all those in authority?

Moses: Well, that’s slipped a bit. You see, everyone is more or less looking out for himself.

GOD: Moses, you may have noticed that society doesn’t work very well when no one honors and respects others. What have they done about my commandment to not kill?

Moses: We were hoping for an amendment to that. You see, we’ve got these medical procedures called abortions and euthanasia. And we do tend to drink and drive a bit– but those are mostly accident… as are the occasional shootings.

GOD: I’m beginning to get the picture. I can imagine what they think about adultery, stealing and lying.

Moses: They were hoping you’d leave those commandments out.

GOD: No Moses, I am not going to change. My commandments were given to protect and promote happiness, not restrict it. They are asking me to stop caring about them.

Moses: But what am I to tell them, Lord?

GOD: Go down, Moses, and tell them: He who loves me will keep my commandments!

Author Michael Cassidy

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