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Daily Bible Study Reading…. Coming In January 2011

Last week, I mentioned in a newsletter update our intention to offer daily bible study for our subscribers starting January 2011.

We will use a multi platform approach in administering these lessons. The plan is to offer daily take-away and study  points of each bible study on the blog. This will allow all of you to comment on any of the lessons and  give your feed back. In addition, audio scripts of some of the main points per lesson will be offered by clicking on a link provided in blog or newsletter write-ups. These will be available for listening and download. At some point, we will also add in some video segments for certain lessons as well.

On Friday’s we will offer an online chat in real-time so that we can all dialog and offer greater support.

Anytime any of you wish for us to pray for you ask. We will be adding additional pages to the blog within the next few weeks and a prayer page will be included.  In addition, you may also ask for prayer or ask more questions by clicking on a link that we will provide on our audio script part of our daily bible study.  

We will use the MessageRemix// Pause Bible for our lessons.  This bible is a reading Bible and it does NOT replace having a good study Bible in your lives. There are other very fine daily reading bibles on the market and I like many of those but The Message Remix// Pause meant to be read in 1-4 years. I really like this flexibility and I did not want the “pressure” of absolutely trying to make all of this happen in one year, especially since this is our first year offering this sort of intensive bible study online. In addition, The Message Remix// Pause is actually based on  Pastor Eugene H. Peterson years and years of teaching the Word to many people from all walks of life. This is his life’s work in the WORD that we get to benefit from in our daily bible study reading. This  bible uses every day English, such as the way you and I speak and comprehend idea’s and concepts in!! Our intention is to have our first bible study finished up within 2 years and then offer a repeat cycle of the process on a bi-yearly basis. If it becomes clear during our studies within the first teaching cycle that we can finish up these studies within 1 year without turning this process into a major stressor, then we will do just that! The purpose of reading through the bible and NOT just looking up scripture is for each of us to look forward to our daily time with GOD in a very personal and intimate way. Allowing the Word to penetrate our hearts, minds and souls! YES, our GOD wants it all!! The WORD is meant to be taken in as a whole, then later for deeper study dissect it into smaller parts but one must first understand the whole to have a working knowledge of “The Message”!

Sunday’s will be used as a period of “rest” so this is a 6 day a week process. Rest is so vastly ignored in today’s society and we have the illness to show for this lack of heeding wisdom in this department of life! I will direct you towards your bible study reading on Friday’s for Saturday but there will be NO emails sent out from HCM on Saturday or Sunday.

Worship of GOD, purposeful and meaningful work, enjoyable family time  and regenerating rest are part of a Holistic Christian lifestyle! This ministry’s purpose is to live and walk out daily” Holistic Christian Living” and then share with others what we have learned or are learing.

 If for any reason you find yourselves getting a bit behind on your reading schedule, re-check your focus but  don’t fret!  None of us are perfect ( as in never missing the mark) but with effort and time we can mature and consistent because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Part of the reasoning behind our offering audio scripts to these daily bible scriptures of some of the daily lessons main focal points is so that even if you find yourselves getting a bit behind schedule in your reading, you can still plug into the Word in a meaningful way each day. I firmly believe in plugging into different formates for learning. I personally do not always have the time I would like to have to indulge in reading books but I can have an MP3 playing in the background or CD, while I am preparing dinner for my family or even while I am engaged in loading the dishwasher or some other household activity.  None of us are biblical scholars here. I am a daughter of the Most High GOD, I am a wife, I am a mother of two wonderful teens but I happen to love and need Jesus like my last and best glass of water after traveling in the desert for days! That is what my life had been life, until I came upon an intersection in my life and HE divinely interrupted the course of my life. I am  offering these sessions because HE told me to teach HIS Word and  so that the Word will have a greater opportunity to live, breath and speak into your daily circumstances. A cup or two or three of Christ each day is a great health tonic and beautifier!!! Living inside of HIM is where your joy and power will flow from. 

As a woman, GOD has explained to me over and over that my first ministry is to my family. This is  true even for married men that have children. So, if there are things going on within my family that call me to direct my attention a bit more in that direction for a period of time then we will make “adjustments” regarding our bible study on a case by case basis and I will keep you informed if any such happenings arise. But in general, I am committed to, sharing, studying and teaching GOD’s Word.

It has truly been a joy sharing the Word of GOD with all of you over the last two years. I’m looking forward to what GOD has planned for us right around the corner and in the years to come.

For a chance to win a free copy of either The Message// Remix Pause Bible or Audio CD’s share with us a little snip-it how you came to Christ or an area where you need and want more of HIM and how daily online bible studies can help you to realize more of your connectedness with Christ.

All My Love,


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