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Spangled Sunday’s- Let GOD Know HE Matters!

What shall we do with the gift of breath & life that God has so graciously given?

Let everything that has been given the breath of  life..  praise The Lord!!!

Sunday is the first day of the week and according The Biblical Principal of First Fruits all first things belong or should be dedicated to GOD!

We’re not talking religion here but instead we are talking about proper placement and order.

Things done out of sequence produce less than Holistic, Whole or Holy results:-)

Do you want to be beatified? Blessed!

Then learn to give to God what belongs to HIM!

When we touch and put our hands on things that GOD deems as hallowed we create problems for our selves.

Has the bible not taught us that we perish for die a million deaths because of lack of knowledge?

I’m about to make a confession here.

There was a time in my life when I in error felt and thought…  I could do what I wanted with all the time GOD blessed me with.

HE always ask for at least a portion of what HE gives us to be given back to HIM.

It’s called giving back to the one that has made you.

That thing called respect which is  branch of that thing we call love.

There was a time in my life in which I thought it was being overly religious to be obsessed with GOD on a certain day of the week.


God lives in our hearts and why should it be necessary to formalize or objectify my relationship with HIM?

But what’s in our hearts on any level is followed up by outward action.

As a person thinks in his or her own heart so they are!

Actually it is religious to only be focused with HIM one day of the week and then live life the other 6 days as  there is no relation to HIM.

It is shows the condition of our hearts when we label it religious to be actively and openly grateful for all of  the goodness GOD rains down on this earth!

Yes, I know bad thing happen in life as well but that it’s a result of mankind having been given the right to express his free will.

We make the mess and then demand in our hearts that GOD clean it up ( without us having learned the much needed valuable lesson necessary) to keep us from doing the same things over and over again and to  produce a deeper sense of adoration for HIM and respect for all those things that have been so generously given to us).

Moment by moment we have a choices to make.

We are either making choices that will produce vitropy / life or mortorpy/ death.

Since all life springs from GOD, when we do not choose HIM we are by default choosing death or those things which will lead to the death of something in our lives sooner or later.

But in contrast, making time for HIM especially ( because remember we were created in HIS image and likeness) and don’t we enjoy having our loved ones to set aside quality time for us?

God has a heart and feelings too.

Us thinking of HIM in appropriate ways delights HIS heart!

GOD is the only one that has even the right to desire the placement of being first and the head of our lives always:-)

In our culture and measure of time, Sunday’s are the first day of the week, therefore since it represents a first placement ideally it should be understood as consecrated, and dedicated to GOD.

Even if something prevents you from attending traditional worship services at this point in your life you can still purpose to in some way consecrate your heart, mind and soul to HIM always but in a special way on this day of the week.

Remember, when building the foundation of our lives our relationship with GOD should be considered because in honoring HIM with HIS first placement HE will order everything else so that we live a life full inside of HIM in which all blessings are found:-)

Let’s pray, shall we?

Father God,

I give up the idea of that to venerate,  reverence and adore You is acting out of a religious space and place in my heart!

Instead I pray for and open myself to the revelation that only Your Holy Spirit can impart upon my being of who You are and what my stance and position should be towards You. I give up people pleasing and trying to look good for learning what pleases YOU and actually being good in Your sight. Father, all other things change and are changeable but You are the Alpha and Omega beginning and end, the eternal manifestation of love, truth and power!

You alone are the Almighty God-Head and Intrinsic Authority and any placement of authority that I have was given to me and I know that I derived it through Your Sovereign Will. Since I posses no authority greater than Your authority  I stop at this very moment any attempts to reach You or worship You on my own terms.


You and You alone set the terms and You are the standard by which I pattern my heart and actions after!

Create in me a clean heart Lord and renew a correct spirit within me so that I may know, love and worship and give You the proper place in my heart, soul life and all of my daily affairs.

In the name above all names we pray…. Jesus


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