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What’s In a New Year? The Realization of a Fresh Start!!

What is it about moving into another calendar year that inspires such a longing to live more fully to the authenticness within each of us? Beloved, GOD does not wish that we become dull in our response to the passage of time. Perhaps in part this is one of the main reasons that each New Year is celebrated and ushered in with a list of “resolutions”.

However, in Christ we can resolve at anytime we have a fresh revelation that sweeps upons us to live more fully in HIS spirit and our authentic selves! Time is but a tool in the all powerful hands of our GOD. HE can make it standstill, go backwards or move forward. So the next time you feel “stuck” remember these facts and move into the presences of the One who can still the waters of your soul.

 This coming year is the year we all should strongly desire to come out of hiding from behind the mask many of us have been wearing for half a lifetime or longer. This simply means dealing with and challenging anything that we may have allowed to obscure our true identity. 

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Do you really know who you are? Your trials and obstacles were not meant as barriers but they stand as giants to guard the “promises of GOD”. God called you into that “situation” to transcend it not allow it to determine who you are and your destiny. Our GOD is bigger than our circumstances and since HIS Spirit lives on the inside of us, then…. 

Do you know the GOD that you serve and who you are according to HIS Will and Word?

I’m not talking about what you do, or the positions you hold, what you eat or drive, where you live or even defining yourselves by your important earthly relationships. GOD created us to have a oneness with the human community but to also celebrate our unique giftedness. Nobody can do it the way GOD created you to do it! And HE created all of us for a specific and divine purpose.

 It’s time to embrace the real you, the you that  GOD created because HE has something uniquely important for you to express and walk in to bring glory to HIS name in this earth!

Here at Whole-Listic Christian Ministries GOD has given us some fresh ideas for aiding you in your journey to become Wholly HIS and allowing HIS glorious image to shine even more brightly in you this coming year.

Each of you were created as an answer to a specific issue in this earth today. Just make sure that when you begin to walk in your divine calling that you never forget the one who has empowered you to do so.

Legacies are not made by trying to make a name for ourselves but in serving the living GOD with all our minds, hearts and souls. If you don’t believe me, just search the bible and you will clearly see how a mighty GOD uses plain and God-fearing men and women and raises them to greatness for HIS name sake!! 

Please allow me to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of this online body dedicated to a deeper intimacy with GOD. I know as woman nothing stirs my heart like a true meaningful union with those that I love. Jesus being at the very top of that list!

Let us be one of the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

If it is GOD’s Wil and pray that it is. I plan to meet you here for yet another exciting year and yet another chance to lift up the name of our Lord and Savior…  In 2011!

Living In HIS Richest Blessings just because I am me and HE loves me!!!

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