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Reasons Why My Heart Sings-6

Any day of the week can be a Holy Experience!

I  so missed not posting yesterday which is nicknamed” Holy Wednesday” but do you know what I have discovered?

Thursday’s are consecrated!

God is sooo good! When I’m deep in the mist of HIS wonderful glory the word that come to mind is Hallelujah!

If you missed other post in this series links are provided at the foot of this blog post for your reading enjoyment!

I left off on #53 last week so I’ll pick up on  Reason Why My Heart Sings at reason #…

54.  I give thanks for knowing that YOU Father are the “spice”  of life and not variety!

55.  Thank you Father for helping me to face my fears and stop running from them.

56. I give thanks for the ‘messy’ places of life because YOU Father have sent YOUR Son Jesus Christ there to minister to me.

57. I give thanks for my weaknesses because there YOU are perfectly positioned and magnified as GOD.

58.  I give thanks for each life lesson that has brought me into deeper relationship with YOU, Father.

59. I give thanks for the gifts YOU have placed in my so that I can give them back to YOU as a form of praise!

60.  I give thanks for cold feet; as  they provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up to the one that you love.

61. I give thanks for understanding how to use my ‘anger’ to serve my spiritual growth and not hinder it!

62.  I give thanks for ‘making’ up process after a fight:-)

63.  I give thanks for the art of sharing the truth but not using it as a weapon against others.

64. I give thanks for knowing even when ‘hurting’ that vengeance belongs solely to GOD! My job is to follow HIS leadership not seek to get even!! Divine justice is always sweeter:-)

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HALLELUJAH is the highest praise!


Reasons Why My Heart Sings-5

Wednesday’s are a Holy Experience on this blog!

It’s been a super activity filled “hump-day”. Normally it seems although I find myself a bit on the tired side by Wednesday things are pretty status quo but no so today!

But, this “Divine Appointment” with God I did not want to miss even thou it is now 8:12 PM and I’m ready to pick-up a good book ( that I’ll fall to sleep on)!

You know, God is very real!

Do you ever have your moments of doubt?

Like when you ask for things that are not forth coming? Or when you hear of some terrible happenings in different parts of the world or maybe in your own life?

God has given mankind free will and many of the upsetting things experienced in this world are the end result of us ( people) going our own way and wanting our way no matter the cost.

Why do we blame God when we experience the natural consequences of our actions?

Anyway, please excuse that venting/ rambling session I just went off on! I confess, I do enjoy rambling at times but I promise to tie all of that into my gratitude list for this week:-)

Okay, just in case you missed my last four blog post on the “ Reasons Why My Heart Sings”, links will be provided at the end of this blog post.

43. I am grateful for… God giving me the ability to love ( even when at times it has been a challenge) love is not a feeling but it’s a choice to act with integrity even when you do not receive the same treatment in return. And I am learning how to do this directly from God because of HIS Character/ integrity when we expect and want everything of HIM while giving very little in return and then we often blame HIM for our own choices that have turned out to be’ mistakes’.

44. I am grateful for… the fruit of humility as it keeps my focus primarily on myself when in conflict with others. If I focus on your character flaws more than the lesson God desires for me to learn then I retard my own spiritual growth!

45. I’m grateful for… turning point moments or divine appointments where God meets me and pulls back the shades that have covered my eyes in a given situation. A fresh revelation makes the difference!

46. I am grateful for… young green coconuts! God provides two foods from this one source!! Young green coconut water which is full of electrolytes ( better than Powerade) ! And let’s not forget that delicious coconut spoon-meat. For those of us that are can not consume dairy products this young green coconut spoonmeat makes a wonderful probiotic pudding.

47. I’m grateful for… quiet moments! We don’t have enough of these in our home. Why? Because oh how my older son loves music and if he had it his way music would play 24/7 in our home:-)

48. I’m grateful for… sweet kisses.  Honey, did you hear that?

49. I’m grateful that the fan belt on my van has now been repaired. Did you know it caused my son to miss a day from school last week? Bad, belt!!!

50. I’m grateful for “Walking with Women Through The Word” this is the group of women headed up by Wendy Pope that I read scripture with daily Monday-Friday. This has been a tremendous blessing to me in countless ways!

51. I’m grateful for… my favorite color purple! God creates so much beauty:-)

52. I’m grateful for hot and cold water so that I can enjoy really warm showers!

53. Most of all I’m grateful that my name is in “The Lamb’s Book of Life”!

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