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Greed’s Shadow… Jealousy!

Jealousy can be used as a accurate map to what you feel is missing in your life! When we pay attention to jealous feelings and use them to look deeper inside ourselves, lives and ultimate values rather then using our jealous feelings to tear down and compete with others to the point of being hurtful and ultimately ruining relationships, then allowing GOD to speak truth through HIS Word and  via the Holy Spirit into our troubled souls we then are able to allow what was meant as evil to be used for our ultimate growth and good!

Jealousy in it’s rawest form is truly a problem of under-valuing our unique worth and value!

If you are not really clear on “who’s” you are then you may not be aware enough of how HE see you and the true value HE places on you!

We are to learn to be lovers and  people that delight in pleasing  God not winning popularity contest with people that are involved in the flaky ever changing standards of this world. Besides it’s insulting to God and it’s draining to operate as a chameleon being driven by idol worship instead of being God centered and driven.

So, what is something we can constructively begin to do in working out of the jealousy-trap?
Make a jealousy map!

What is this?

Start by folding a piece of paper into three columns and write at the top of the first column, “WHO I’m Jealous of.” On the top of the second column, I write, “WHY I’m Jealous of” and on the third column, I write “SO NOW WHAT proactive steps can I make internally and by way of bettering my craft to help me to move past this deadly UN–Godly unproductive  trap that I’m in?”

This is a very practical way of mining out feelings of being less others or feeling cheated  by the system!
God teaches us that life is not always fair and that trials will come but that we are to learn to trust in HIM as HE is sovereign and all things will work out for our good for those that love HIM

And my final warning please don’t fall into self-rightness and think that these feelings can not come even to haunt you as it’s prey! As the enemy of our soul’s desires to have each of us a ‘Wheat” to shift! But Jesus has already prayed for each of us ahead of time, that our faith in God, His ways, His Kingdom and His promises will emerge even brighter and more in focus than before the trial began!


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Have you ever been a victim of the deadly poison of somebody’s Jealousy?  Have you ever been it’s prey, wounded by its toxic  venom as it came from the words of so-called friends, total strangers, co-workers on your job, even from family members? No matter who you felt the spirit of jealousy from, its purpose was to kill your hopes and dreams, steal your joy, or destroy your esteem and confidence. If this evil is left unchecked and unchallenged, it will do just that and more! Find out God’s remedy for dealing with jealousy no matter who it may come from.


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