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Reasons Why My Heart Sings-6

Any day of the week can be a Holy Experience!

I  so missed not posting yesterday which is nicknamed” Holy Wednesday” but do you know what I have discovered?

Thursday’s are consecrated!

God is sooo good! When I’m deep in the mist of HIS wonderful glory the word that come to mind is Hallelujah!

If you missed other post in this series links are provided at the foot of this blog post for your reading enjoyment!

I left off on #53 last week so I’ll pick up on  Reason Why My Heart Sings at reason #…

54.  I give thanks for knowing that YOU Father are the “spice”  of life and not variety!

55.  Thank you Father for helping me to face my fears and stop running from them.

56. I give thanks for the ‘messy’ places of life because YOU Father have sent YOUR Son Jesus Christ there to minister to me.

57. I give thanks for my weaknesses because there YOU are perfectly positioned and magnified as GOD.

58.  I give thanks for each life lesson that has brought me into deeper relationship with YOU, Father.

59. I give thanks for the gifts YOU have placed in my so that I can give them back to YOU as a form of praise!

60.  I give thanks for cold feet; as  they provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up to the one that you love.

61. I give thanks for understanding how to use my ‘anger’ to serve my spiritual growth and not hinder it!

62.  I give thanks for ‘making’ up process after a fight:-)

63.  I give thanks for the art of sharing the truth but not using it as a weapon against others.

64. I give thanks for knowing even when ‘hurting’ that vengeance belongs solely to GOD! My job is to follow HIS leadership not seek to get even!! Divine justice is always sweeter:-)

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HALLELUJAH is the highest praise!

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