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Reasons Why My Heart Sings 17

This day, I have been deeply moved by the fact that God has called me a friend!

My relationship with Christ is like a mufti-faceted crystal.

HE is my Lord.

HE is my Savior.

HE is my Friend.

HE is my counselor.

HE has been the Father long-lost breaking the mold of what I thought a Fathers love would mean.

HE mirrors to my soul the foundational elements of what my earthly relationships should contain in order to contain life in them.

157. I am thankful for the approach of a brand New Year!

158. I am thankful for my autonomy and loving my family and friends enough to share a measure of this gift with them.

159. I am thankful for the way GOD uses conflict to bring about a deeper awareness of how we move and breathe in relation to those around us.

160.  I am thankful for learning one of the keys to being a  peace-maker is not to attack nor to avoid.

161.  I am thankful for the gift of deeper clarity of perception that hindsight brings.

162.  I am thankful for healing of old emotional issues.

163.  I am thankful for the greater freedom experienced after I’ve walked through a trial.

164.  I am thankful for knowing and accepting that my journey with GOD was never meant to be on a crowded HWY!

165.  I am thankful for the fact that GOD has allowed me to know and experience HIS beauty, glory and wonder!!!

166. I am thankful learning not to’ judge’ even when hurt. Instead I evaluate people, places and circumstances. I can check, look at data and draw conclusions about the effectiveness or none effectiveness of people, place and circumstance in my life, then pray to GOD for further guidance on how to best go ahead.

167. I am thankful knowing that speaking the truth in difficult situations is NOT the same as evil speaking. The truth is often a hard pill to swallow even under the best of circumstances!

Beloved Father!

There is nothing in this universe as glorious and awesome as Your very Being! I long for Your presence in my world above all else!! You are goodness, perfection, beauty and food for my very soul. May You grow and magnify Your greatness in my heart, mind, body, spirit and world daily until You have Your being within me to YOUR full satisfaction and to Your greatest glory.

Who Am I, that You’re mindful of me? That You hear me, when I call upon Your Holy name?

You blow my mind and delight my heart!!

This is not my ministry but it is a place and a space for me to show case YOU more clearly and fully to a dying world that needs the gifts of Your being.

Reveal Yourself as The One And Only GOD…

GOD The Father, GOD The Son and Holy Spirit.

I adore and Worship YOU in all of Your functions, LORD!

168. I am most thankful for the fact that “I am A Friend of GOD!”


Reasons Why My Heart Sings 13

Praise GOD!!

I know I’ve been ‘changed’  because my name is in the ‘Lambs’ book of life’!

So much of what I have to be grateful for can not be expressed easily in nice neat little sentences but this fact will not keep me from the process:-)

I missed posting last week but GOD had to clear a path so that I could get back to HIM here, in this place at this time!

It’s Wednesday and the best way to get over the hump is to make today a Holy Experience!!

Are you celebrating a personal harvest? I am.

In order to bring in the harvest we must make room. And sometimes a bit of remodeling is necessary as well!

Remodeling: Does is always have to be a messy affair?  Do you know what I mean?

But I trust GOD for the perfect pattern that is emerging beneath the remodeling chaos!

Getting right to my reason for my being here: to lift up my gratitude for my one and only Jesus who makes all things possible within me and my life affairs!

127. I am thankful for  seeing and experiencing your perfection Jesus in the mist of the messiness in my life.

128. I am thankful for being a home-schooling Mom:-)

129. I am thankful  for those that have a servants heart.

130. I am thankful for God’s divinely perfect timing.

131. I am thankful for Organic air popped popcorn.

132. I am thankful for  La-shun Pace new CD “Reborn”  Yall got to hear this one!!!

133.  I am thankful for my trails because they were ordained by GOD so that I can learn to soar to higher spiritual heights.

134.  I am thankful for God’s wise and perfect counsel.

135. I am thankful for not being able to met my needs to satisfaction outside of GOD because it makes me desire and reach HIM that much more.

136.  I am thankful for the move of change going on in my life.

137. I am thankful that I am not in control and sitting in the drivers seat. God’s leadership of the resources HE has give me is much more effective than my own!

Reasons Why My Heart Sings 11

It’s 8:30 AM EST and GOD has been moving and shaking up things in my inner world.

You know that’s “da powa” of prayer.. to change the human heart.

Any of y’all know what it’s like to have GOD shake things up?

You know…

Loosing that make believe sense of being self sufficient and in control.

Pride rolling off my person like a mud land-slide!

Generally the experience of being drilled and turned.

Feeling the reality of old battle scars. Revisiting the raw, and the land of the unresolved.

Does this sounds like fun cupcake?

Well, what is fantastic is the GOD meets us and does some of HIS best work in those kind of  places ( in the human soul)!


Yes, my protection comes from the Lord, The Holy One! HE is the Ruler and King of my heart!

I’m here to remind us that it’s Wednesday and time for another…

Holy Experience!   


Last week I left off of #107 so…

Lord, I am thankful this week for….

108. The fact that You created me in a fashion that I must seek You.

109.I am thankful for the fact that YOU are worth my every effort.

110. I am thankful for the fact that I must rely of You to get me through this thing called life.

111. I am thankful for the fact that there is real purpose and things that YOU can use as a result of my trials.

112. I am thankful for Your image & likeness that is coming into sharper focus in my soul.

113. I am thankful that I am learning to focus on YOU and not the end result.

114. I am thankful for Granny Smith Apples.

115. I am thankful rain for our home garden.

116. I am thankful for the fact that it’s my anniversary today!

117. I am thankful for Your mysteries LORD for they are a part of the evidence of YOUR being GOD!







Reasons Why My Heart Sings 10

Don’t you just LOVE the picture below?

Someone else shared it with me and tons of others on Face-Book weeks ago. It touched my heart so much I knew that I would re-use it!



I wanted to add a little something something to my  Holy Experience! this Wednesday by sharing the bible verse I’m currently meditating on!


Psalms 89: 15 NLT

Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light.


So let’s jump right into a few of the reasons why my heart has sung this week.

98. I am thankful for opportunities for growth and expansion

99. I’m thankful for peace which surpasses understanding!

100.  I’m thankful for Melissa Taylor’s Bible Studies

101. I am thankful for developing Godfidence

102.  I’m thankful ( especially my brain) for Omega 3 Fatty Acids

103.  I’m thankful that GOD created little ole’ me

104.  I’m thankful for a pair of hands to hold, ear-lobes to nibble on and a pair of beautiful brown eyes that says… I love you each time they look my way.

105. I’m thankful for being called to share the “‘Gospel“!!

106.  I’m thankful for and want to give a shout-out to my church family. Hey Bald Rock , Go Bald-Rock!

107.  I am so very grateful that my GOD still yet has more spiritual journeys to travel with me on this side of life:-)


Thanks for joining me again this week and just in case ya missed any of  the” reasons why my heart sings” click on the link below where you need to be filled in!








Reasons Why My Heart Sings-9

I started this post last week and it sat in my drafts folder of 7 whole days! It’s Wednesday and I’m making it a Holy Experience!

Jesus, You are the real gift and I’m thankful for Your personage! 

88. I am thankful for She Speaks.

89. I am thankful for daily time in God‘s Word.

90. I am thankful for my blend-tech blender.

91. I am thankful for gluten free foods.

92.  I am thankful for God sending help when it’s needed.

93. I am thankful for the growth that  emerges after the storm.

94. I am thankful for the fact that I can change!

95. I am thankful for the beauty of Iris’s!

96. Praise Dance Life Ministries

97. The Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness!!!!

I’ve been at this for the last 9 weeks. If you missed any of the post in this series check out the links below.

Reasons Why My Heart Sings-8

Keeping a commitment like this one makes the enemy mad! It Wednesday and we’re celebrating. Has this week been a  Holy Experience?

Have you been with us from the start of this journey? Yes! No:-(

Either way, I’m glad you’re here with me now:-)

If you missed any of our pervious blog post in this series just stay  tuned and we’ll fill you in a bit later.


76. I’m thankful for intercessory prayer

77. I’m thankful for have a heart that is willing to praise God.

78. I’m thankful for being able to be a blessing to others.

79. I’m thankful for taking the time to honor GOD this way.

80. I’m thankful for the blessing and benefits ‘fasting’ can bring.

81. I’m thankful for the fact that God has given my gifts in which to praise HIM

82. I’m thankful for my health!

83. I’m thankful for red PJ’s.

84. I’m thankful for healing hands!

85. I’m thankful for God’s peace which surpasses natural understanding!

86. And Lord, I am so grateful for your unfailing love and companionship!

87. I am honored ,blessed and grateful Father that You share your thoughts with me!!!!


Reasons Why My Heart Sings-6

Any day of the week can be a Holy Experience!

I  so missed not posting yesterday which is nicknamed” Holy Wednesday” but do you know what I have discovered?

Thursday’s are consecrated!

God is sooo good! When I’m deep in the mist of HIS wonderful glory the word that come to mind is Hallelujah!

If you missed other post in this series links are provided at the foot of this blog post for your reading enjoyment!

I left off on #53 last week so I’ll pick up on  Reason Why My Heart Sings at reason #…

54.  I give thanks for knowing that YOU Father are the “spice”  of life and not variety!

55.  Thank you Father for helping me to face my fears and stop running from them.

56. I give thanks for the ‘messy’ places of life because YOU Father have sent YOUR Son Jesus Christ there to minister to me.

57. I give thanks for my weaknesses because there YOU are perfectly positioned and magnified as GOD.

58.  I give thanks for each life lesson that has brought me into deeper relationship with YOU, Father.

59. I give thanks for the gifts YOU have placed in my so that I can give them back to YOU as a form of praise!

60.  I give thanks for cold feet; as  they provide the perfect excuse to snuggle up to the one that you love.

61. I give thanks for understanding how to use my ‘anger’ to serve my spiritual growth and not hinder it!

62.  I give thanks for ‘making’ up process after a fight:-)

63.  I give thanks for the art of sharing the truth but not using it as a weapon against others.

64. I give thanks for knowing even when ‘hurting’ that vengeance belongs solely to GOD! My job is to follow HIS leadership not seek to get even!! Divine justice is always sweeter:-)

Click on the link just below for a special treat!

HALLELUJAH is the highest praise!

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