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Reasons Why My Heart Sings 12

The last week or so has been a whirl-wind in which GOD has had me panting for HIS presence!

When I’m not writing about my God experiences I’m speaking about them or singing and dancing about them sometimes I’m just plain walking out my calling through everyday living with my family:-)

What about you? What kind of worship mode does the Holy Spirit invoke from you?

It’s not Wednesday but Thursday’s are ‘Treasured’ for Holiness as well!

Two weeks ago I left off on the one hundred and seventeenth reason for why my heart sings.

Would you care to pick it up that process again with me this week?

But before I do that I have another question.

Have you found yourself revisiting familiar patterns & themes of years and life already gone by?

Is there something unfinished in those old places? Or perhaps GOD is really doing something new that is using some of the the things you thought you were done with!

Yes, GOD is breathing life into dead places where dreams have died. Places where I thought GOD was saying NO to me but it turns out HE was saying NOT NOW.

118. I am thankful for… right NOW, the place where GOD meets me and reveals answers to questions long forgotten and answers prayers to dream held long ago!

119. I am thankful for… Allowing GOD’s priorities for my life to guide me through life which can sometimes become a maze!

120. I am thankful for… Being loved

121. I am thankful for… God’s presence living in the quite recesses of my heart.

122.  I am thankful for… Breaking of ungodly and unhealthy soul ties.

123.  I am thankful for… Knowing that I am a spirit that has a body so that I can operate legally in ministry on this earth.

124. I am thankful for… God using me to meet a real need in the life of my neighbor today.

125. I am thankful for… Spending time with my son today teaching him of GOD in ways that were deeply meaningful to him

126. I am thankful for… The “second” Adam Jesus Christ that by HIS awesome and perfect sacrifice HE has made life possible once again!


Until next time…



I’ll sing…


And…  dance


God’s  praises!





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