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Reasons Why My Heart Sings-9

I started this post last week and it sat in my drafts folder of 7 whole days! It’s Wednesday and I’m making it a Holy Experience!

Jesus, You are the real gift and I’m thankful for Your personage! 

88. I am thankful for She Speaks.

89. I am thankful for daily time in God‘s Word.

90. I am thankful for my blend-tech blender.

91. I am thankful for gluten free foods.

92.  I am thankful for God sending help when it’s needed.

93. I am thankful for the growth that  emerges after the storm.

94. I am thankful for the fact that I can change!

95. I am thankful for the beauty of Iris’s!

96. Praise Dance Life Ministries

97. The Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness!!!!

I’ve been at this for the last 9 weeks. If you missed any of the post in this series check out the links below.

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