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Thought For Today -What’s Happened To The Me I Once Knew?

What’s Happened To Me I Once Knew?

The diet ( or lifestyle) that I followed in my twenties and even thirties somewhere along the lines stopped working for me.

When , where and how did that all happen?

My needs  changed/ mutated as I have matured and aged.

I have always been a flexible person.

And I define being flexible as…

Having the ability to realize and accept once something or someone in my life begins speaking the prophetic message… ‘move on’ it’s time to redefine yourself.

I confess,  that I have spent so much of my life starting over from the way I think to the way that I eat.

So much of my life has been spent in transformation that I feel as if  I have majored in ”  How To Rise From The Ashes“!

But, this frustrating and sometimes painful reality of never-ending change and renewal  has produced one decisive strength and advantage.

My faith in the one who never changes  Jesus Christ!

HE’s the secret weapon that you never what to be without in the mist of a battle Especially the most important battle of all the one fought for your very soul identity!

Jesus being my anchor is the one and only fact that qualifies me to speak and model truth!

HE has been my anchor in an ever-changing inner terrain and in an outer world that has known very little order!

When I look at my life today, the landscape looks nothing like it did 10 or even 5 years ago.

I no longer recognize myself  by my familiar thoughts, habits, friends, physical form or even by the possessions under my stewardship but I do recognize my true identity… the image and likeness of Christ!


Reasons Why My Heart Sings 17

This day, I have been deeply moved by the fact that God has called me a friend!

My relationship with Christ is like a mufti-faceted crystal.

HE is my Lord.

HE is my Savior.

HE is my Friend.

HE is my counselor.

HE has been the Father long-lost breaking the mold of what I thought a Fathers love would mean.

HE mirrors to my soul the foundational elements of what my earthly relationships should contain in order to contain life in them.

157. I am thankful for the approach of a brand New Year!

158. I am thankful for my autonomy and loving my family and friends enough to share a measure of this gift with them.

159. I am thankful for the way GOD uses conflict to bring about a deeper awareness of how we move and breathe in relation to those around us.

160.  I am thankful for learning one of the keys to being a  peace-maker is not to attack nor to avoid.

161.  I am thankful for the gift of deeper clarity of perception that hindsight brings.

162.  I am thankful for healing of old emotional issues.

163.  I am thankful for the greater freedom experienced after I’ve walked through a trial.

164.  I am thankful for knowing and accepting that my journey with GOD was never meant to be on a crowded HWY!

165.  I am thankful for the fact that GOD has allowed me to know and experience HIS beauty, glory and wonder!!!

166. I am thankful learning not to’ judge’ even when hurt. Instead I evaluate people, places and circumstances. I can check, look at data and draw conclusions about the effectiveness or none effectiveness of people, place and circumstance in my life, then pray to GOD for further guidance on how to best go ahead.

167. I am thankful knowing that speaking the truth in difficult situations is NOT the same as evil speaking. The truth is often a hard pill to swallow even under the best of circumstances!

Beloved Father!

There is nothing in this universe as glorious and awesome as Your very Being! I long for Your presence in my world above all else!! You are goodness, perfection, beauty and food for my very soul. May You grow and magnify Your greatness in my heart, mind, body, spirit and world daily until You have Your being within me to YOUR full satisfaction and to Your greatest glory.

Who Am I, that You’re mindful of me? That You hear me, when I call upon Your Holy name?

You blow my mind and delight my heart!!

This is not my ministry but it is a place and a space for me to show case YOU more clearly and fully to a dying world that needs the gifts of Your being.

Reveal Yourself as The One And Only GOD…

GOD The Father, GOD The Son and Holy Spirit.

I adore and Worship YOU in all of Your functions, LORD!

168. I am most thankful for the fact that “I am A Friend of GOD!”

Reasons Why My Heart Sings 13

Praise GOD!!

I know I’ve been ‘changed’  because my name is in the ‘Lambs’ book of life’!

So much of what I have to be grateful for can not be expressed easily in nice neat little sentences but this fact will not keep me from the process:-)

I missed posting last week but GOD had to clear a path so that I could get back to HIM here, in this place at this time!

It’s Wednesday and the best way to get over the hump is to make today a Holy Experience!!

Are you celebrating a personal harvest? I am.

In order to bring in the harvest we must make room. And sometimes a bit of remodeling is necessary as well!

Remodeling: Does is always have to be a messy affair?  Do you know what I mean?

But I trust GOD for the perfect pattern that is emerging beneath the remodeling chaos!

Getting right to my reason for my being here: to lift up my gratitude for my one and only Jesus who makes all things possible within me and my life affairs!

127. I am thankful for  seeing and experiencing your perfection Jesus in the mist of the messiness in my life.

128. I am thankful for being a home-schooling Mom:-)

129. I am thankful  for those that have a servants heart.

130. I am thankful for God’s divinely perfect timing.

131. I am thankful for Organic air popped popcorn.

132. I am thankful for  La-shun Pace new CD “Reborn”  Yall got to hear this one!!!

133.  I am thankful for my trails because they were ordained by GOD so that I can learn to soar to higher spiritual heights.

134.  I am thankful for God’s wise and perfect counsel.

135. I am thankful for not being able to met my needs to satisfaction outside of GOD because it makes me desire and reach HIM that much more.

136.  I am thankful for the move of change going on in my life.

137. I am thankful that I am not in control and sitting in the drivers seat. God’s leadership of the resources HE has give me is much more effective than my own!

Translucent Tuesday’s- An Open Door An Open Heart

1 Thessalonians 3:12 NKJV

May the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you.

Most mornings as I am hustling around our home getting my boys ready to get on the school bus my disposition screams it’s in need of an overhaul.

As I’m feverishly working trying to connect all the dots within a certain time frame.

Our mornings begin super early and are tightly scheduled.

The sheer number of things that need to be accomplished within a short time frame is… how do I say it?


Nothing puts me a a  funky space as fast as being rushed and pinched for time!

How about trying to cook two meals, packing said meals, then bathing two boys, and dressing them all within a two hour time period!

Are you feeling me?

My disposition unravels because as I look at what needs to be done and how I want it done my actual timing and performance too many times does not measure up to what I’m demanding of myself internally.

My demandingness ( not sure if that’s an actual word)  in this matter is a clear cut indicator ( hind-sight)  that I and not Christ is sitting in the drivers seat:-0

Wouldn’t we all “girls” like to be the perfect  archetype of the P 31 Woman even when under duress?

Below is a bit of  scripture on the P31 Woman( just so you can get a good feel for what I am speaking of) when I say becoming the perfect archetype of this woman at all times!

Prov 31:10-17 (NLT)

10  Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.11 Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.12 She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.
13 She finds wool and flax and busily spins it.14 She is like a merchant’s ship, bringing her food from afar.15 She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.
16 She goes to inspect a field and buys it; with her earnings she plants a vineyard.17 She is energetic and strong, a hard worker.

You’re getting the picture, right?

What woman of GOD in her right mind would reject these list of virtues?

My early morning experiences Monday-Friday seem to magnify my weakness and pull  out my character flaws (especially) the ones that move in contrast to ideal P31 woman!

And as a result I feel anything but at peace within my own heart.

But upon sitting down and really thinking about this daily situation ( after I’ve gotten the boys out of the house and off to school) I’m realizing that the issues I am experiencing are not issues with my performance or skills but instead they are issues of the heart.

Love, patience and a spirit of hospitality must begin and are cultivated within our own hearts towards ourselves!

A few questions I came up with are.

What doors am I opening up during these episodes?

Whom or what am I inviting into my heart?

Am I fellow-shipping with the Holy Spirit during those times?

Or am I running myself down with my negative mind-talk and perfectionist attitude?

All of this then reminds me that I need to keep the door to my heart open to allow Jesus into my dark and messy moments!

With an open door and open heart towards Jesus it then positions me to experience HIS wonderful grace!

We all need grace to get through life cause it aint easy!

No matter what were doing our internal posture should be one of sitting at Jesus’ feet listening up a storm ( like Mary) and taking in every ounce of love and wisdom HE wants to share with in that moment!

I like to call this inner poise!

There is not one activity, or deadline that we are involved in or have to perform in this life that is more important than our internal attitude and disposition. We always win and the enemy is under our feet when we face the Cross, the light and meditate on God and all of HIS goodness!

I may not be able to change the overstressed places and conditions without, but I can make Jesus the King and the most valuable possession of my heart ( at all times)!

Let’s end in prayer….

Avi, (Father)

Your love and wisdom are our daily manna! When we try to deal with stress in our own power or go too long without connecting to YOU we feel the pangs of  our old nature attempting to creep in and steal  our first love and joy!

Help us to recognize the signs of spiritual hunger pangs before we fall into stinking thinking, and dial into the soap-opera of our BC ( before Christ) days !

Help us to close all of our hidden and back doors so that the enemy of our soul’s will be denied access to our heart and fill our minds with Your powerful Word so that we can live inside the mind of Jesus Christ!

Most of all deliver us from striving  for perfection and trying to impress. Perfectionism is not the same as being matured in the faith.Teach us that hospitality towards the Holy Spirit entails us loving truth( GOD and HIS Word) welcoming HIM with warmth, allowing HIM full ( not just limited  access) to our entire inner house ( fellow-shipping) with HIM.

In The Name of Jesus We Pray, Amen!

Reasons Why My Heart Sings- 3

I’m  walking with Jesus in holiness and making this Wednesday another  Holy Experience !

Holiness is a lifestyle that we Christians work at walking out daily.

But Wednesday sweet Wednesdays are meant for listing my reasons out loud with the world for the reasons I am conscious of being thankful for.

Here goes my list:-)

22. Being a Mom that is willing to go that ‘extra’ mile without complaining (most times)!

23. The ability to smile joyously even with the slow but sure signs of ‘aging’!

24 My true beauty and feminine wilds flow from being made into the image and likeness of Christ!

25. After many years of confusion but now to finally  ‘getting it’ that life can sometimes be difficult but God is always ole so good!

26. Embracing difficult task and hard work with a smile in my heart ( od is not punishing me because I have to sometimes work at things)!

27. Finally, after searching having aquired measure of confidence (which is really Godfidence) that I so longed for in my twenties and thirties!

28. The beautiful wedding ring on my second left hand finger and what it represents!

29. Having a mind and heart that is being placed in order (on a daily basis) by the Makers Hand.

30. Knowing my ‘home row keys’ on my keyboard so that I can type fasterJ

31. Having the realization that any ‘issues’  that pop up in my life are only ‘cries’ of my needing more of God’s wisdom applied to daily life so that I can experience my next break-through!

If you missed my first two posting on “The Reasons Why My Heart Sings click on the link below:-)

Greed’s Shadow… Jealousy!

Jealousy can be used as a accurate map to what you feel is missing in your life! When we pay attention to jealous feelings and use them to look deeper inside ourselves, lives and ultimate values rather then using our jealous feelings to tear down and compete with others to the point of being hurtful and ultimately ruining relationships, then allowing GOD to speak truth through HIS Word and  via the Holy Spirit into our troubled souls we then are able to allow what was meant as evil to be used for our ultimate growth and good!

Jealousy in it’s rawest form is truly a problem of under-valuing our unique worth and value!

If you are not really clear on “who’s” you are then you may not be aware enough of how HE see you and the true value HE places on you!

We are to learn to be lovers and  people that delight in pleasing  God not winning popularity contest with people that are involved in the flaky ever changing standards of this world. Besides it’s insulting to God and it’s draining to operate as a chameleon being driven by idol worship instead of being God centered and driven.

So, what is something we can constructively begin to do in working out of the jealousy-trap?
Make a jealousy map!

What is this?

Start by folding a piece of paper into three columns and write at the top of the first column, “WHO I’m Jealous of.” On the top of the second column, I write, “WHY I’m Jealous of” and on the third column, I write “SO NOW WHAT proactive steps can I make internally and by way of bettering my craft to help me to move past this deadly UN–Godly unproductive  trap that I’m in?”

This is a very practical way of mining out feelings of being less others or feeling cheated  by the system!
God teaches us that life is not always fair and that trials will come but that we are to learn to trust in HIM as HE is sovereign and all things will work out for our good for those that love HIM

And my final warning please don’t fall into self-rightness and think that these feelings can not come even to haunt you as it’s prey! As the enemy of our soul’s desires to have each of us a ‘Wheat” to shift! But Jesus has already prayed for each of us ahead of time, that our faith in God, His ways, His Kingdom and His promises will emerge even brighter and more in focus than before the trial began!


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Have you ever been a victim of the deadly poison of somebody’s Jealousy?  Have you ever been it’s prey, wounded by its toxic  venom as it came from the words of so-called friends, total strangers, co-workers on your job, even from family members? No matter who you felt the spirit of jealousy from, its purpose was to kill your hopes and dreams, steal your joy, or destroy your esteem and confidence. If this evil is left unchecked and unchallenged, it will do just that and more! Find out God’s remedy for dealing with jealousy no matter who it may come from.


What’s In a New Year? The Realization of a Fresh Start!!

What is it about moving into another calendar year that inspires such a longing to live more fully to the authenticness within each of us? Beloved, GOD does not wish that we become dull in our response to the passage of time. Perhaps in part this is one of the main reasons that each New Year is celebrated and ushered in with a list of “resolutions”.

However, in Christ we can resolve at anytime we have a fresh revelation that sweeps upons us to live more fully in HIS spirit and our authentic selves! Time is but a tool in the all powerful hands of our GOD. HE can make it standstill, go backwards or move forward. So the next time you feel “stuck” remember these facts and move into the presences of the One who can still the waters of your soul.

 This coming year is the year we all should strongly desire to come out of hiding from behind the mask many of us have been wearing for half a lifetime or longer. This simply means dealing with and challenging anything that we may have allowed to obscure our true identity. 

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Do you really know who you are? Your trials and obstacles were not meant as barriers but they stand as giants to guard the “promises of GOD”. God called you into that “situation” to transcend it not allow it to determine who you are and your destiny. Our GOD is bigger than our circumstances and since HIS Spirit lives on the inside of us, then…. 

Do you know the GOD that you serve and who you are according to HIS Will and Word?

I’m not talking about what you do, or the positions you hold, what you eat or drive, where you live or even defining yourselves by your important earthly relationships. GOD created us to have a oneness with the human community but to also celebrate our unique giftedness. Nobody can do it the way GOD created you to do it! And HE created all of us for a specific and divine purpose.

 It’s time to embrace the real you, the you that  GOD created because HE has something uniquely important for you to express and walk in to bring glory to HIS name in this earth!

Here at Whole-Listic Christian Ministries GOD has given us some fresh ideas for aiding you in your journey to become Wholly HIS and allowing HIS glorious image to shine even more brightly in you this coming year.

Each of you were created as an answer to a specific issue in this earth today. Just make sure that when you begin to walk in your divine calling that you never forget the one who has empowered you to do so.

Legacies are not made by trying to make a name for ourselves but in serving the living GOD with all our minds, hearts and souls. If you don’t believe me, just search the bible and you will clearly see how a mighty GOD uses plain and God-fearing men and women and raises them to greatness for HIS name sake!! 

Please allow me to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of this online body dedicated to a deeper intimacy with GOD. I know as woman nothing stirs my heart like a true meaningful union with those that I love. Jesus being at the very top of that list!

Let us be one of the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

If it is GOD’s Wil and pray that it is. I plan to meet you here for yet another exciting year and yet another chance to lift up the name of our Lord and Savior…  In 2011!

Living In HIS Richest Blessings just because I am me and HE loves me!!!

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It’s Celebration Time…Come On!!

In Dec. 2009 Whole-listic Christian Ministries began blogging! This first year has been a process of us becoming familiar with the world of blogging. It has been fun!! We have been blessed to learn much and to share our love of Jesus Christ with all of you:-)

Here’s to celebrating the wonders that Christ has yet to show to our physical eyes but in faith we walk on and stand firm on the ground and paths that our Lord has already paved for HIS greatest glory! 

We love each and every one of you. Knitting you into a Holistic Christ centered daily living mold will bring VICTORY. We were given life to make HIS praise glorious!!!!!

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