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Reasons Why My Heart Sings-4

It’s that time again reconnecting with all of you once again, to make this Wednesday a Holy Experience!

In case you missed my last four blog post “ Reasons Why My Heart Sings”, links will be provided at the end of this blog post.

What has God been up to this past week in my life?

He’s been sharing HIS thoughts with me on a level that leaves me with tears in my eyes!

I left off on point 31 of why my heart sings last Wednesday and below are the focal points of my ‘thanksgiving’ this week!

32. I’m thankful for…God fighting my battles and HE has shown that to me in a mighty way since we last blogged.

33. I’m thankful for… Since God  now fights my battles I have more of my inner resources available to find more ways to praise and worship HIM.

34. I’m thankful for… The fact that my hope is growing!

35. I’m thankful for… New beginnings!

36. I’m thankful for… Knowing the difference between being compassionate v/s being co-dependent!

37. I’m thankful for…  God’s Holiness!

38. I’m thankful for… The way God pursues me!

39. I’m thankful for… My children’s nurse Cheryl West!

40.  I’m thankful for… Waking up with a smile that comes from deep within my spirit!

41. I’m thankful for… Feasting on living food daily (The Word of God)!

42. I’m thankful for… God digging up the sinful root systems in the garden of my life!




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