Prayer Request/Praise Reports

December 10, 2010

Today God has impressed upon me to pray for HIS entire body of believers. Today’s church faces an identity crisis! As a whole we need to be clear about our identity in Christ. Why do we ware mask and try to hide and blend in with the world?

Is it out of fear or do we long to embrace the lesser standards of worldly living?

I pray for a body of believers that will arise and express her splendor, power, beauty and meekness in this world as she proclaims the gospel without compromise.

What is weighing on your hearts today that you would like to express and ask prayer for?

My praise report today is…

I am thankful for the strength and splendor in which GOD has raised up a standard in my life. The enemy came in like a flood but how much more marvelous did my GOD stand up within me!!!!!

December 13,2010

My morning prayer  for myself and all of us as believers is to willingly follow the perfect Will of God. So many times I have the pretty images of the way I would like to have my life follow in my head. They are so enticing that I can  almost fool myself into believing that they must have come from GOD Himself!! Then, our LORD comes and divinely interrupts my day dreams with HIS plans for my life:-) I know that walking in GOD’s Will may not always be the fast track to easy street. We’ll it’s never the fast track to easy street but I don’t know about you but I’d rather be in HIS Will even with a thorn or a trial or two to bear than be delivered into the hands of the enemy of our souls!! I would much rather be resting under GOD’s  powerful anointing and have HIM pleased and delighted with me:-)

Just what if we were to stop resisting and fighting GOD, then all of that energy harnessed in resisting could be channeled into making HIS praise glorious

December 15,2010

Today as I read Luke 1:26-33 It brought to mind…

 Isa. 7:14

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

Jesus birth had been foretold in this passage in the Old Testament. This let’s us know that GOD is in control and that even trials and hard times cannot keep GOD’s Word from coming to pass. Although the vision may have to deal with delays and set backs in the end GOD’s Word will prevail.  Evil people and their schemes are tools in the hand of our GOD to do a mighty work. GOD does not need our help in order for HIM to be what HE is…  KING of Kings and LORD of Lords!

Lord, I pray for Your wisdom, Your truth and Your eternal purposes. I stand in awe of the fact that You Lord want to use me in your mighty and awesome eternal plans!!! 

Praise Report

Today is my birthday and I had planned on going out a celebrating it with family members but I received a telephone call canceling plans that had been made. In the past, this would have been very hurtful to me but today instead I turned my focus and attention up to GOD and smiled. HIS divine intervention spoke to my heart and soul. HE wanted the time alone with me HE wanted me all to HIMSELF for a few hours (at least). It was HE that has brought me through the high and low points this past year and it was HIM that has given me the 42 years I have been on this earth. So, if HE desires this time alone with me to worship HIM and draw even nearer I consider it a messenger of the LORD telling me I am favored and blessed  of the LORD.

March 5, 2011- Prayer and worship

I just have a need to rededicate myself to GOD today and reaffirm that HIS Will be done in my life. Those are both exciting words to my ears and spirit and I always hold my breath a bit when a pray this of this nature as well!

Lord I pray that you temper all of your power with a huge dose of your love, mercy and grace in my life! I thank you in advance for the ways in which you will manifest your glory in my world and affairs both inner and outer.

Lord I pray that I never leave your presence in any of my daily activities! I want You there with me always!

August 24, 2011

I pray for deliverance from all demonic strongholds for the true Body of  Christ! So that you will have a pure, holy and powerful church that is Holy Spirit lead. This Church will be capable of bringing even more into the Kingdom of God and Christ image and likeness will shine like the noon day sun, in plain sight for all to see and witness. Lord as I pray this prayer protect me and my family and lift up a nightly ‘standard’ so that we may stand against the wilds of the enemy and emerge with full victory and for it we owe and will be careful to give You all the honor glory and praise! In the mighty yolk breaking, bondage removing powerfully delivering  name of Jesus I pray.


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