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Reasons Why My Heart Sings 13

Praise GOD!!

I know I’ve been ‘changed’  because my name is in the ‘Lambs’ book of life’!

So much of what I have to be grateful for can not be expressed easily in nice neat little sentences but this fact will not keep me from the process:-)

I missed posting last week but GOD had to clear a path so that I could get back to HIM here, in this place at this time!

It’s Wednesday and the best way to get over the hump is to make today a Holy Experience!!

Are you celebrating a personal harvest? I am.

In order to bring in the harvest we must make room. And sometimes a bit of remodeling is necessary as well!

Remodeling: Does is always have to be a messy affair?  Do you know what I mean?

But I trust GOD for the perfect pattern that is emerging beneath the remodeling chaos!

Getting right to my reason for my being here: to lift up my gratitude for my one and only Jesus who makes all things possible within me and my life affairs!

127. I am thankful for  seeing and experiencing your perfection Jesus in the mist of the messiness in my life.

128. I am thankful for being a home-schooling Mom:-)

129. I am thankful  for those that have a servants heart.

130. I am thankful for God’s divinely perfect timing.

131. I am thankful for Organic air popped popcorn.

132. I am thankful for  La-shun Pace new CD “Reborn”  Yall got to hear this one!!!

133.  I am thankful for my trails because they were ordained by GOD so that I can learn to soar to higher spiritual heights.

134.  I am thankful for God’s wise and perfect counsel.

135. I am thankful for not being able to met my needs to satisfaction outside of GOD because it makes me desire and reach HIM that much more.

136.  I am thankful for the move of change going on in my life.

137. I am thankful that I am not in control and sitting in the drivers seat. God’s leadership of the resources HE has give me is much more effective than my own!


Reasons Why My Heart Sings 10

Don’t you just LOVE the picture below?

Someone else shared it with me and tons of others on Face-Book weeks ago. It touched my heart so much I knew that I would re-use it!



I wanted to add a little something something to my  Holy Experience! this Wednesday by sharing the bible verse I’m currently meditating on!


Psalms 89: 15 NLT

Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light.


So let’s jump right into a few of the reasons why my heart has sung this week.

98. I am thankful for opportunities for growth and expansion

99. I’m thankful for peace which surpasses understanding!

100.  I’m thankful for Melissa Taylor’s Bible Studies

101. I am thankful for developing Godfidence

102.  I’m thankful ( especially my brain) for Omega 3 Fatty Acids

103.  I’m thankful that GOD created little ole’ me

104.  I’m thankful for a pair of hands to hold, ear-lobes to nibble on and a pair of beautiful brown eyes that says… I love you each time they look my way.

105. I’m thankful for being called to share the “‘Gospel“!!

106.  I’m thankful for and want to give a shout-out to my church family. Hey Bald Rock , Go Bald-Rock!

107.  I am so very grateful that my GOD still yet has more spiritual journeys to travel with me on this side of life:-)


Thanks for joining me again this week and just in case ya missed any of  the” reasons why my heart sings” click on the link below where you need to be filled in!








Reasons Why My Heart Sings-5

Wednesday’s are a Holy Experience on this blog!

It’s been a super activity filled “hump-day”. Normally it seems although I find myself a bit on the tired side by Wednesday things are pretty status quo but no so today!

But, this “Divine Appointment” with God I did not want to miss even thou it is now 8:12 PM and I’m ready to pick-up a good book ( that I’ll fall to sleep on)!

You know, God is very real!

Do you ever have your moments of doubt?

Like when you ask for things that are not forth coming? Or when you hear of some terrible happenings in different parts of the world or maybe in your own life?

God has given mankind free will and many of the upsetting things experienced in this world are the end result of us ( people) going our own way and wanting our way no matter the cost.

Why do we blame God when we experience the natural consequences of our actions?

Anyway, please excuse that venting/ rambling session I just went off on! I confess, I do enjoy rambling at times but I promise to tie all of that into my gratitude list for this week:-)

Okay, just in case you missed my last four blog post on the “ Reasons Why My Heart Sings”, links will be provided at the end of this blog post.

43. I am grateful for… God giving me the ability to love ( even when at times it has been a challenge) love is not a feeling but it’s a choice to act with integrity even when you do not receive the same treatment in return. And I am learning how to do this directly from God because of HIS Character/ integrity when we expect and want everything of HIM while giving very little in return and then we often blame HIM for our own choices that have turned out to be’ mistakes’.

44. I am grateful for… the fruit of humility as it keeps my focus primarily on myself when in conflict with others. If I focus on your character flaws more than the lesson God desires for me to learn then I retard my own spiritual growth!

45. I’m grateful for… turning point moments or divine appointments where God meets me and pulls back the shades that have covered my eyes in a given situation. A fresh revelation makes the difference!

46. I am grateful for… young green coconuts! God provides two foods from this one source!! Young green coconut water which is full of electrolytes ( better than Powerade) ! And let’s not forget that delicious coconut spoon-meat. For those of us that are can not consume dairy products this young green coconut spoonmeat makes a wonderful probiotic pudding.

47. I’m grateful for… quiet moments! We don’t have enough of these in our home. Why? Because oh how my older son loves music and if he had it his way music would play 24/7 in our home:-)

48. I’m grateful for… sweet kisses.  Honey, did you hear that?

49. I’m grateful that the fan belt on my van has now been repaired. Did you know it caused my son to miss a day from school last week? Bad, belt!!!

50. I’m grateful for “Walking with Women Through The Word” this is the group of women headed up by Wendy Pope that I read scripture with daily Monday-Friday. This has been a tremendous blessing to me in countless ways!

51. I’m grateful for… my favorite color purple! God creates so much beauty:-)

52. I’m grateful for hot and cold water so that I can enjoy really warm showers!

53. Most of all I’m grateful that my name is in “The Lamb’s Book of Life”!

Reasons Why My Heart Sings-4

It’s that time again reconnecting with all of you once again, to make this Wednesday a Holy Experience!

In case you missed my last four blog post “ Reasons Why My Heart Sings”, links will be provided at the end of this blog post.

What has God been up to this past week in my life?

He’s been sharing HIS thoughts with me on a level that leaves me with tears in my eyes!

I left off on point 31 of why my heart sings last Wednesday and below are the focal points of my ‘thanksgiving’ this week!

32. I’m thankful for…God fighting my battles and HE has shown that to me in a mighty way since we last blogged.

33. I’m thankful for… Since God  now fights my battles I have more of my inner resources available to find more ways to praise and worship HIM.

34. I’m thankful for… The fact that my hope is growing!

35. I’m thankful for… New beginnings!

36. I’m thankful for… Knowing the difference between being compassionate v/s being co-dependent!

37. I’m thankful for…  God’s Holiness!

38. I’m thankful for… The way God pursues me!

39. I’m thankful for… My children’s nurse Cheryl West!

40.  I’m thankful for… Waking up with a smile that comes from deep within my spirit!

41. I’m thankful for… Feasting on living food daily (The Word of God)!

42. I’m thankful for… God digging up the sinful root systems in the garden of my life!




Reasons Why My Heart Sings!

Making this Wed a Holy Experience  I want to formally thank Ann Voskamp for inspiring me to keep a list of 1,000 things I am thankful for!

Ann, I’m thanking our Heavenly Father for you!

I’m going to make this post short but hopefully it will be a very sweet ‘savor’ unto my GOD! 

Oh Lord, the things I wish to thank you for today are…

1. Being saved through your Son Jesus Christ.

2.Daily walking with you.

3. The privilege of your listening to and hearing my voice.

4. Being blessed to hear Your Father speak  to me.

5. The joy of loving for the last 18 & 19 years two ‘special’ children.

6. The joy of dancing before you.

7. The joy of lifting my voice in song and in speaking Your Words.

8. The joy of  loving ‘my husband’ the man who you gifted me with.

9. Thank you for placing in my heart the ability to love myself in spite of my lack of perfection.

10. Thank you my sweet Jesus for being my absolute best friend!

11. Beholding Your divine glorious countenance… You’re breath-taking ( King of Kings)!  

Enraptured with HIM,



Returning to make Wed. August 10, 2011 another  Holy Experience  until I list 1001 things I am grateful for. But my prayer is that GOD will open up something inside of me that will make this a excercise of thanks-giving a Holy way of life:-) I’m gifted each time I take the time to even ponder YOU Jesus ! I have been looking forward to this day returning since I posted last week. The Reason Wy My Heat Sings”!

This day, I want to lift up thanks for…

12.  Grace in the form of Jesus Christ and the fact that HE woke me up this morning and started me on another day’s journey.

13.  For the chance to ‘know’ you better my beloved Heavenly Father.

14. You’re so good to me because you have clothed me in my ‘right’ mind.

15. Your “Spirit of Truth can be experienced through the  spiritual ‘gift’ of discernment, that you so generously share with me!

16. Thank you for removing my insecurities and replacing them with a knowledge of my true identity and worth.

17. I’m delighted to be forever YOUR girl:-)

18.  Thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy the journey with you and not expecting or demanding fame, short-cuts or instant results!

19. I love experiencing your power in the way YOU move , remove obstacles and give me the strength to climb   ‘mountains’  in my life.

20. I thank you from the bottom of my heart today for placing in me the good sense to know that YOU and YOU alone are GOD!!!!

21. And…  I even for thank you for the way that I must ‘lean’ on YOU because of the “limp” that my struggles with YOU caused! 

I’m crazy In Love with YOU Jesus!!!

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