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No More Regrets… Saying Farewell to Heaviness and Hello to Joy

Psalms 94:18-19 (NLT)18 I cried out, “I am slipping!” but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.  19 When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.

No More Regrets…

Saying farewell to the spirit of Heaviness and Hello to Joy!

Don’t you and I want to enter into a New Year and find a New Us?

A successful new beginning has its genesis in making over our thoughts thus resulting in an extreme spiritual make-over!  Not just in making a list things we want to become.

That’s how to keep a New Year’s resolution!

Are you making plans/ resolutions for 2012 and dragging along baggage from 2011?

I hope not but if so I sincerely want to help by passing on what I have learned.

Regret is not a romantic longing over past events is an unclean spirit that often manifest itself with a blending in varying degrees of the inner states of being below.

1. Grief
2. Despair
3. Hopelessness
4. Depression
5. Rejection

We often do not give ourselves permission and the time necessary to properly and respectfully; mourn the loss of people, relationships, situations and things that were important to us.

Regret is often an accumulation of UN-dealt with feelings of failure or negatively internalizing life lessons and other people’s emotional baggage from past relationships.

We cannot move on fully embracing life and all that God has to offer us until we evaluate, learn from, then let go of our negative emotional evaluations (judgment) of ourselves and others.

Healthy evaluation means to look at events, people, places and things through Gods eyes and through The Gospel 🙂

God’s perspective and HIS Word take us out of the realm of our negative, repetitive thoughts/ feelings and give us a fresh and life giving perspective on an old problem.

We often learn how to respond to ‘life saying no’ by watching how our parents coped with disappointments.

Were your parents generous in spirit towards themselves?

By not beating themselves over the head and rehashing things over and over again?

If so, they would clearly have able to model separating themselves and their self-worth from their experiences in life.

Or, perhaps they went to the other extreme (as many of us do) and could not accept any personal responsibility when things we wrong and fell into playing the blame game.

One of the most constructive things that can be done in letting go of regret and supporting the ‘moving on process’ is to put to rest the spirit of perfectionism. Once we are delivered from this lying spirit then inner peace can come and begin to find a roosting place in our hearts and minds.

See, we have no righteousness of our own. So once we are delivered from the Religious and Lying Spirit that brings forth striving for ‘perfection’ then we can let go and accept God’s grace and mercy and the maturing process in Christ Jesus can take root in our souls!

When we have done our best (for our current level of maturity) and given our all (done everything as if we were doing it unto the Lord) what do we have to regret?

Perfectionism cancels out the generous covering of mercy and rejects God beautiful grace.

After all, it is only a sinner that recognizes that he or she needs God’s gifts of grace and mercy.

We all have lessons to learn and our sanctification (perfecting/ maturing)  process in the Lord is ongoing on this side of life!

In Christ, we learn to apply all learned in previous times to similar experiences that come around in present and the future life-events.

Upon doing so, then, we can see how much we have grown and learned and that our trials were there for the purpose of refining us and moving us closer to  the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

God keeps His promises.

HE takes what the enemy meant for bad and turns it into a spring-board for our greatest  good!

Power Verse :Romans 12:2 (NLT) Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

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Reasons Why My Heart Sings 17

This day, I have been deeply moved by the fact that God has called me a friend!

My relationship with Christ is like a mufti-faceted crystal.

HE is my Lord.

HE is my Savior.

HE is my Friend.

HE is my counselor.

HE has been the Father long-lost breaking the mold of what I thought a Fathers love would mean.

HE mirrors to my soul the foundational elements of what my earthly relationships should contain in order to contain life in them.

157. I am thankful for the approach of a brand New Year!

158. I am thankful for my autonomy and loving my family and friends enough to share a measure of this gift with them.

159. I am thankful for the way GOD uses conflict to bring about a deeper awareness of how we move and breathe in relation to those around us.

160.  I am thankful for learning one of the keys to being a  peace-maker is not to attack nor to avoid.

161.  I am thankful for the gift of deeper clarity of perception that hindsight brings.

162.  I am thankful for healing of old emotional issues.

163.  I am thankful for the greater freedom experienced after I’ve walked through a trial.

164.  I am thankful for knowing and accepting that my journey with GOD was never meant to be on a crowded HWY!

165.  I am thankful for the fact that GOD has allowed me to know and experience HIS beauty, glory and wonder!!!

166. I am thankful learning not to’ judge’ even when hurt. Instead I evaluate people, places and circumstances. I can check, look at data and draw conclusions about the effectiveness or none effectiveness of people, place and circumstance in my life, then pray to GOD for further guidance on how to best go ahead.

167. I am thankful knowing that speaking the truth in difficult situations is NOT the same as evil speaking. The truth is often a hard pill to swallow even under the best of circumstances!

Beloved Father!

There is nothing in this universe as glorious and awesome as Your very Being! I long for Your presence in my world above all else!! You are goodness, perfection, beauty and food for my very soul. May You grow and magnify Your greatness in my heart, mind, body, spirit and world daily until You have Your being within me to YOUR full satisfaction and to Your greatest glory.

Who Am I, that You’re mindful of me? That You hear me, when I call upon Your Holy name?

You blow my mind and delight my heart!!

This is not my ministry but it is a place and a space for me to show case YOU more clearly and fully to a dying world that needs the gifts of Your being.

Reveal Yourself as The One And Only GOD…

GOD The Father, GOD The Son and Holy Spirit.

I adore and Worship YOU in all of Your functions, LORD!

168. I am most thankful for the fact that “I am A Friend of GOD!”

What’s In a New Year? The Realization of a Fresh Start!!

What is it about moving into another calendar year that inspires such a longing to live more fully to the authenticness within each of us? Beloved, GOD does not wish that we become dull in our response to the passage of time. Perhaps in part this is one of the main reasons that each New Year is celebrated and ushered in with a list of “resolutions”.

However, in Christ we can resolve at anytime we have a fresh revelation that sweeps upons us to live more fully in HIS spirit and our authentic selves! Time is but a tool in the all powerful hands of our GOD. HE can make it standstill, go backwards or move forward. So the next time you feel “stuck” remember these facts and move into the presences of the One who can still the waters of your soul.

 This coming year is the year we all should strongly desire to come out of hiding from behind the mask many of us have been wearing for half a lifetime or longer. This simply means dealing with and challenging anything that we may have allowed to obscure our true identity. 

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Do you really know who you are? Your trials and obstacles were not meant as barriers but they stand as giants to guard the “promises of GOD”. God called you into that “situation” to transcend it not allow it to determine who you are and your destiny. Our GOD is bigger than our circumstances and since HIS Spirit lives on the inside of us, then…. 

Do you know the GOD that you serve and who you are according to HIS Will and Word?

I’m not talking about what you do, or the positions you hold, what you eat or drive, where you live or even defining yourselves by your important earthly relationships. GOD created us to have a oneness with the human community but to also celebrate our unique giftedness. Nobody can do it the way GOD created you to do it! And HE created all of us for a specific and divine purpose.

 It’s time to embrace the real you, the you that  GOD created because HE has something uniquely important for you to express and walk in to bring glory to HIS name in this earth!

Here at Whole-Listic Christian Ministries GOD has given us some fresh ideas for aiding you in your journey to become Wholly HIS and allowing HIS glorious image to shine even more brightly in you this coming year.

Each of you were created as an answer to a specific issue in this earth today. Just make sure that when you begin to walk in your divine calling that you never forget the one who has empowered you to do so.

Legacies are not made by trying to make a name for ourselves but in serving the living GOD with all our minds, hearts and souls. If you don’t believe me, just search the bible and you will clearly see how a mighty GOD uses plain and God-fearing men and women and raises them to greatness for HIS name sake!! 

Please allow me to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of this online body dedicated to a deeper intimacy with GOD. I know as woman nothing stirs my heart like a true meaningful union with those that I love. Jesus being at the very top of that list!

Let us be one of the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

If it is GOD’s Wil and pray that it is. I plan to meet you here for yet another exciting year and yet another chance to lift up the name of our Lord and Savior…  In 2011!

Living In HIS Richest Blessings just because I am me and HE loves me!!!

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Self control or CHRIST control

Happy New Year!

I know, it has taken me a while and  we are now 15 days into the New Year!

Traditionally many will set New Year’s resolutions for the up coming year. It is important to have goals and to write them down. However, what keeps most of us from seeing our goals come to fruition is the fact that they are not generated by our source “Christ” and therefore are not under the power of the Holy Spirit.

A goal with no power behind it or action behind it means nothing. So, this year rather than beating up on myself for not following through on the list of goals I have set for myself, I am spending the time to read the “Purpose Driven Life”, by Rick Warren.

It all starts with GOD. The purpose of my life is much greater than just my own personal fulfillment. I want to know why I was placed here on this earth.

The focus on self will never reveal GOD’s purpose for me life! So…. join me starting this 15th day into the New Year for the next 40 days to discover what GOD has to say about our purpose. I believe at the end of this time period at the very least we will be free from self worship and moving toward finding what is real meaningful and lasting!

My life and identity is wrapped up in Christ and whom would know better than HE where HE wants to place me. Success is living and alive in Christ. So my task is to learn to surrender to HIS perfect will for my life. I want to be “Christ” directed and lead not under self control. A merger of my will with HIS Will. So The Fruit of Self Control is really being Holy Spirit controlled or lead. This is not something we have to make happen but instead just cooperate, harmonize and surrender to the Spirit of Truth…. The Holy Spirit!

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