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Reasons Why My Heart Sings 16

I used to think very highly of my own personal thought process, until I met God!!

I was kind of into the study of thought and believed I could carry out great things if I learned how to use more of my mind-power.

Knowledge is not power but dark and destructive when it is not under the unction of  The Holy Spirit.

Now, I constantly shake my head wondering how I would make it through the day “intelligently” without God’s advice and direction!

It just that for my every seemingly reasonable, sound thought, His thoughts are light years beyond my current level of thinking.

If I were being prideful, I would actually feel quite dense.

But, these facts only brings into clearer focus that HE is GOD and deserving of all my praise and worship!!!

Without Him my psyche would perpetually be stuck in  three-dimensional perceptions.

My reasons for a heart that sings this week are…

144. Knowing when to walk away from a situation ( in love ) and turn it over to GOD.

145. New insights that lead to deeper maturity in Christ.

146. Being given the yard-stick for measuring a good day, in the Lord.

147. When we plant good seeds we can smile in anticipation of our tomorrow!

148. God is great to stand with us, while we endure the crop of negative seeds sown many moons ago.

149. God rescues us from fear because if we live with it we will never obey and trust HIM or reach our eagle status as believers.

150. Being introduced to what it means to be “Inside of Christmas“.

151.  Being kissed lovingly on the top of my forehead by hubby.

152. Experiencing the power of prayer on ever deeper levels.

153. Erica Carter our new caregiver ( thank you Lord for she is a blessing)!

154. Spending Christmas with my Lord up close and in full focus along side my family.

156. Cause, I’ve got  Holy Ghost Power!








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