It’s 8:30 AM EST and GOD has been moving and shaking up things in my inner world.

You know that’s “da powa” of prayer.. to change the human heart.

Any of y’all know what it’s like to have GOD shake things up?

You know…

Loosing that make believe sense of being self sufficient and in control.

Pride rolling off my person like a mud land-slide!

Generally the experience of being drilled and turned.

Feeling the reality of old battle scars. Revisiting the raw, and the land of the unresolved.

Does this sounds like fun cupcake?

Well, what is fantastic is the GOD meets us and does some of HIS best work in those kind of  places ( in the human soul)!


Yes, my protection comes from the Lord, The Holy One! HE is the Ruler and King of my heart!

I’m here to remind us that it’s Wednesday and time for another…

Holy Experience!   


Last week I left off of #107 so…

Lord, I am thankful this week for….

108. The fact that You created me in a fashion that I must seek You.

109.I am thankful for the fact that YOU are worth my every effort.

110. I am thankful for the fact that I must rely of You to get me through this thing called life.

111. I am thankful for the fact that there is real purpose and things that YOU can use as a result of my trials.

112. I am thankful for Your image & likeness that is coming into sharper focus in my soul.

113. I am thankful that I am learning to focus on YOU and not the end result.

114. I am thankful for Granny Smith Apples.

115. I am thankful rain for our home garden.

116. I am thankful for the fact that it’s my anniversary today!

117. I am thankful for Your mysteries LORD for they are a part of the evidence of YOUR being GOD!








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