I’m  walking with Jesus in holiness and making this Wednesday another  Holy Experience !

Holiness is a lifestyle that we Christians work at walking out daily.

But Wednesday sweet Wednesdays are meant for listing my reasons out loud with the world for the reasons I am conscious of being thankful for.

Here goes my list:-)

22. Being a Mom that is willing to go that ‘extra’ mile without complaining (most times)!

23. The ability to smile joyously even with the slow but sure signs of ‘aging’!

24 My true beauty and feminine wilds flow from being made into the image and likeness of Christ!

25. After many years of confusion but now to finally  ‘getting it’ that life can sometimes be difficult but God is always ole so good!

26. Embracing difficult task and hard work with a smile in my heart ( od is not punishing me because I have to sometimes work at things)!

27. Finally, after searching having aquired measure of confidence (which is really Godfidence) that I so longed for in my twenties and thirties!

28. The beautiful wedding ring on my second left hand finger and what it represents!

29. Having a mind and heart that is being placed in order (on a daily basis) by the Makers Hand.

30. Knowing my ‘home row keys’ on my keyboard so that I can type fasterJ

31. Having the realization that any ‘issues’  that pop up in my life are only ‘cries’ of my needing more of God’s wisdom applied to daily life so that I can experience my next break-through!

If you missed my first two posting on “The Reasons Why My Heart Sings click on the link below:-)

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