Allow me to open with a prayer from this point forward as it pertains to our Bible Studies.

 Please bow your heads along with me.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day and the opportunity for your Holy Spirit to fully live and breathe in your earthly bodies. Father we invite your Holy Spirit into this lesson as HE is the Master Teacher. I am but the vehicle. Bless each soul that reads and participates in these lessons. Plant, and water each seed so that eventually they will produce “Holy” fruit that YOU may be gloried in this earth.

In Your Name JESUS we pray



I just want to say that our online Bible Studies can be as involved or as short as necessary. I am allowing the LORD to develop a format for the lessons as things progress. So, there will be changes and revisions to come in how these lessons are shared with you.

With that in mind, I will take each lesson and each day as a single treasure and allow the Spirit of GOD to direct me.

In order to condense these lessons because the details could swallow us up! I will take out a Key set of verses from our entire reading for that day and give some takeaway points for you to ponder.

I want you all to know that am humbled in the undertaking of the task of teaching GOD‘s Word on this level. I am obeying a command HE gave me two years ago in offering these studies. If you are a prayer warrior please pray for me! As I am anything but perfect. Yet GOD’s Word is. Enough said!!  I have done more bible research in the last few days than I ever have in my entire life. WOW, I’m learning and growing! It is true, when you set out to be a blessing, then GOD blesses the one HE is using in ways I could never have foreseen 🙂

Please feel free to share any insights that you may have here on this blog or by e-mailing me directly.

If I make any mistakes kindly in the spirit of love bring it to my attention ( I would be most grateful). Typos could be an issue at times but at other times I may just have over looked or missed some important piece of information.

These lesson are not exhaustive by any means. If they were, we would never finish. The Word of GOD is suppose to constantly reveal new treasures.  We can never say it all!! We can go deeper still!

Remember, I am praying for each of you that GOD will perform HIS perfect Work in each of your lives:-)

Now, that I have expressed all of that without further a due here is the actually lesson.

As Genesis unfolds from our introductory lesson “Genesis 1:1-2” on yesterday, we encounter GOD reconstruction of the earth and HIS creating the first humans

Unless I say otherwise our lesson texts will always be taken from the Message Remix// Pause Bible.

Today’s Scripture Reading Genesis 1: 1-2:7

26 God spoke: “Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, And, yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of Earth.”
27 God created human beings; he created them godlike, Reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female.
28 God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.”


Take Away Points:



As we can clearly see GOD first thinks then speaks all created things into existence.

This process has brought some confusion and doubt with the creation process but do we not think about things first, then we speak of them, then we follow through with physical action? In this way, we were created in HIS image and likeness!

It is sometimes difficult for us as humans to comprehend the personage of GOD and the things HE can do moves far beyond what is “reasonable” in our minds hence the arguments between science and the Biblical account of creation. GOD is very natural. So natural in fact that HIS naturalness is Supernatural! The things we can do as adults can be hard for a small child to comprehend and perhaps we may seem to have super-human strength ( to their little eyes) because in many cases we posses reasoning abilities and physical skills that far surpass our little ones current functional levels.

Jesus tells us that it is not possible to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven unless we become like a little child. 

If GOD were not head and shoulders above us in every way would HE engender our awe and worship?

GOD is not like man that HE would lie. GOD does not just tell the truth HE is the Truth!! 

It’s important to take note of the fact that GOD created an environment for Adam to live in before creating him (Adam). It shows the importance of order and responsibility. Man should secure a means of making a living and providing a home before marrying and having a family. This is the proper order, because this is the way GOD himself dealt with Adam and then Adam in turn modeled this for Eve. In today’s society we often move in the exact reverse of this ordering. Teen and adults engage in sexual relations, a child is the by-product. What happened to providing the proper foundation, ground work and order so that all parties can be fruitful and multiply? We can not be fruitful and multiply or increase when our security is breached before the basic needs of life are firmly established. . Children will always be insecure in a home where the relationship between the mother and father is not “solid”. We as adults will always experience deep seated insecurity as long as we lack understanding of our origins and beginnings. A firm understanding of the personage of GOD and our relationship to HIM is the only thing that brings lasting security.

Joy in the LORD must be something we constantly feast upon for without this kind of love in our souls we cannot obey HIS command to increase spiritually, mentally and physically.

Love the LORD your GOD with all of your mind, heart and soul! To do this, we must know HIM.

This is why one should give our hearts and minds over to the study of GOD’s love letter… The Bible!

These lessons are offered in this sweet “Spirit”. 


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