Did you know that you and I have a dual nature?

What makes one side of our nature happy and contented makes the other unhappy and dissipates its strengths.

The bible calls this the war between the flesh-man and the new filled Spirit-man!

Being at peace with the many twist and turns one has to meet with on a daily basis requires us to  look over our daily events with integrity.

Integrity means alignment of the inside and outside.

For example, our old flesh-man habits of blaming others and becoming hostile when we don’t get what we want and/or looking at  another persons faults under a magnifying glass; while wearing rose-colored glasses when the time arrives for self-examination.

Remember, when you point a finger at another person, three fingers are pointing back in your direction. Admitting to our character flaws and placing ourselves in the Potters Hands for transformation and restoration is the only way to get peace with our new “spirit” nature and our new boss “Jesus Christ“.

Here is another example, sometimes GOD will place us around an ultra self-centered  person to show us something hidden within ourselves like perhaps our tendency of becoming judgemental of others?

It’s okay to use a true spirit of discernment. To discern means knowing truth from lies( by GOD’s  standards) but when this discerning spirit turns into us being overly critical of others and putting on a hat of judging others, then we have stepped over into GOD’s territory. Only HE has the right to judge the state of another. Never us!!

I like to think of situations as such as a “salve” that GOD allows us to receive  measure of for the purposes of drawing  sin out of our lives. To “sin” means to miss GOD’s ideal mark. So we are all sinners by this definition. It was not our Lord’s intention in a case such as the one described above to punish us but, it was much more likely an answer to some prayer we prayed; some time ago and had forgotten about.

How else are we to eventually; on a step by step basis  be made over into HIS image and likeness?All that is not like unto HIM must be drawn out. Bringing all things that were hidden into HIS marvelous light for the purposes of transformation? 

YES,  this is putting the flesh to rest; each and everyday! Then taking up our “cross” is what this Christian walk is all about!! 

This process of examination/ rest  is what your newly found spirit in Christ requires to thrive. If one of our natures must suffer and die, then, as children of The Most High GOD, it should be our flesh.

Our flesh does not mean our bodies because as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. So we are not setting out to abuse the Holy Spirits’ new home. What is implied by the term “the flesh”  is that mind-set and ways of thinking and being that operates in us that goes counter the Will of GOD.

Jennifer Boddie


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