GOD’s Weapons Will Prosper

Did you know that there are some “weapons” that GOD forms? So, don’t pray against these blessed weapons! These weapons however are formed in order to prosper us spiritually. None the less, this type of “weapon” will not feel good but in the end it will prosper us along and free us from all things of the “flesh” that were created in order to hinder us from reaching the destination GOD has had planned for us since the foundation of the world. 

Did you also know that hindering and binding forces work best by providing our flesh with persons, places and things that bring us pleasure? 

 Why do you think that is? 

Mainly, because we will not even try and free ourselves from persons, places and things that we greatly desire or that provide some sense of sensual pleasure and satisfaction. These things are NOT blessings when they are not within the context of building your lives step by step upon each precept of GOD. This does not mean that GOD wishes us to live a live devoid of joy! 

Actually it is the complete opposite. Our LORD wants us to have HIS joy. Sensual pleasure cannot even compare!! Joy can only be experienced as a fruit of the Holy Spirit and sensual pleasure be experienced between two married people in a covenant relationship but it can also be experienced through sexual relationships that are defrauding. 

GOD might send a “weapon” to derail the defrauding relationship in order that those persons won’t settle for anything less that the fullness of HIS joy in a union between two committed believers in CHRIST JESUS. The union I share with my husband is much sweeter and fuller because we are both having a love affair with Jesus, then sharing that relationship with each other in addition to our Eros bonding AKA (sexual love). 

Let us learn to joyously celebrate the “weapons” that GOD sends into our life’s as welcomed interruptions in order that HIS divine plans might be unleashed more fully in our lives and affairs. Ask HIM where you might be settling for less than HE intended for you? Then pray that HE will send something to unearth any “stronghold” that may have been hindering or binding you. Then grab hold of HIS unchanging hand and watch HIM deliver you powerfully. 

Don’t miss what HE may already be doing in your lives by using weapons that will eventually prosper you. We can miss some of the greatest moves of GOD by focusing on the problem which is the weapon instead of focusing on GOD. 

Did let the weapon or disorder blind you from sensing GOD’s glory and presence working in your lives!!! 

Until next time.

Loving Even HIS Weapons,



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