Happy New Year!

I know, it has taken me a while and  we are now 15 days into the New Year!

Traditionally many will set New Year’s resolutions for the up coming year. It is important to have goals and to write them down. However, what keeps most of us from seeing our goals come to fruition is the fact that they are not generated by our source “Christ” and therefore are not under the power of the Holy Spirit.

A goal with no power behind it or action behind it means nothing. So, this year rather than beating up on myself for not following through on the list of goals I have set for myself, I am spending the time to read the “Purpose Driven Life”, by Rick Warren.

It all starts with GOD. The purpose of my life is much greater than just my own personal fulfillment. I want to know why I was placed here on this earth.

The focus on self will never reveal GOD’s purpose for me life! So…. join me starting this 15th day into the New Year for the next 40 days to discover what GOD has to say about our purpose. I believe at the end of this time period at the very least we will be free from self worship and moving toward finding what is real meaningful and lasting!

My life and identity is wrapped up in Christ and whom would know better than HE where HE wants to place me. Success is living and alive in Christ. So my task is to learn to surrender to HIS perfect will for my life. I want to be “Christ” directed and lead not under self control. A merger of my will with HIS Will. So The Fruit of Self Control is really being Holy Spirit controlled or lead. This is not something we have to make happen but instead just cooperate, harmonize and surrender to the Spirit of Truth…. The Holy Spirit!


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